Shiatsu, meaning “finger pressure” in Japanese, embraces Chinese Medicine and the power of touch, to encourage flow. Much like acupuncture, Shiatsu stimulates the body’s pathways to help alleviate physical and emotional imbalance. By listening, feeling and receiving, Shiatsu responds to subtle signals, giving nourishment or vigour depending on the need. While pressure may be light, the intention is deep, intuitively responding to the body, where it needs it most. Shiatsu is a very powerful body therapy, leaving patients feeling deeply nourished and restored. It can relax or invigorate, as invited to do so.

What to expect

With very few contraindications, and delivered fully clothed, Shiatsu can be a very effective in all stages of life, from childhood through to end of life. It’s unique adaptability, can also make it a great choice for more complex conditions, delivered on a futon, couch or chair, in a range of positions, to suit.

The first appointment may last up to 90 minutes, allowing for a detailed case history and mutual understanding of treatment aspirations. A typical Shiatsu treatment will last 45 minutes, surrounded by plenty of pillows and blankets, to soften and relax the limbs. An initial hara diagnosis, involving light palpation of the tummy, will start the treatment, followed by a range of techniques, and positions, to promote flow around the body. This may include palming, stretching, massage or holding, and may involve gentle rocking or thumb pressure to release tension and encourage flow. 

Treatments are unique to the patient, and may be suggested weekly, monthly or perhaps seasonally, depending on the need. On-going review is offered to monitor progress and adapt where necessary.  Monthly treatments are commonly recommended as a preventative measure, helping to maintain good health and well-being throughout the year.

What can it help with?

Shiatsu can provide very positive results for overall health and well-being, with mounting clinical evidence supporting its effectiveness in a variety of conditions;

“…Shiatsu treatment studies have shown clinically beneficial shifts in stress hormones, as well as an improvement in sleep and activation of the immune system” (